I'm a mommy to an incredibly dynamic 10 year old. A globe trotting photographer and model who first started in front of the camera at the age of 11. Acting brought me to Los Angeles from Hawaii, at 14, as one of the original Disney movie girls. A self taught photographer who picked up a camera about 5 years ago, I prefer to be behind the lens these days.

Photography has been my main creative outlet these past few years but in the last year I've immersed myself in the age-old process of lost wax and I’m embracing my creativity in jewelry making. Each piece is handmade in wax and then casted in 14k (or 22k) gold. Using my hands to sculpt and create is a fresh breath and good balance to my photography. To be able to step away from the edits and the computer and the constant social media - to sit down and direct my intentions into something I can hold is healthy and needed.

I’ve always loved jewelry. From the days of playing in my mother’s jewelry boxes, and even back then, marveling in how jewelry was passed down from one generation to the next.

I create my pieces with that in mind. They're meant to be worn. And to last lifetimes. Whether it’s sleeping in it, swimming in it, showering, exercising, diving off cliffs - it’ll take your beating and just get better with wear. No thin bands bending or breaking here. Nothing plated or gold filled. Just solid gold.

Future heirlooms.